This past weekend was Australia Day but unfortunately it was rained out her on the Gold Coast. A serious storm has been coming through for the past three days and it has not stopped raining and winds are beginning to pick up. Friday I ventured to the Australia Zoo, home to Steve Irwin. It was a great experience to be able to pet kangaroos and hold a koala!
It looks like a rainy week ahead so that’s it for now!


Australia Day*

The first week of classes has come to an end. My classes were great and I’m excited for my PR class because there is a lot in store for this semester. This coming weekend is Australia Day here, it’s pretty much like our Fourth of July. I’ll be spending the day in Surfers Paradise enjoying the awesome food, people and entertainment. Can’t wait to post pictures!

Beginning of my Aussie Adventures



Today was the last day of Orientation here at Bond. It was a great first week. Although I started off the week with one of the most severe sunburns I’ve had it was still a great. Monday we arrived and got settled into our apartment at the Reserve. It’s like paradise we have our own pool, gym, hot tub, and access to a lake. The price of things here was a shock to us. Groceries and other essentials like gas and clothing were sometimes double what they are at home. On Tuesday we met two guys from Canada who live in our building named Drew and Kal. They’re law majors and they’re staying a Bond for more than just one semester.


Yesterday we made our way to Broad beach. It is as pretty as the pictures. The ocean was crystal clear and as blue as could be. There was a surf competition going on where we were laying out and it was so awesome to see. The waves here get huge so I’m excited to learn to surf.


We haven’t met very many students since classes haven’t started yet so I’m anxious to meet other study abroad students!


That’s all for now, classes start tomorrow so I can’t wait to fill everyone in next week!