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Lauren can add one more magazine in her list of cover pages and that is the Australian lifestyle magazine Cleo.  Lauren covers Cleo’s March 2013 issue, giving her fashion tips and a list of the 5 hottest buys right now.

March 2013 is also the first month that Lauren is on the cover of two magazines! We can also enjoy her in Lucky magazinewhere she talks about reality TV, and how Katy Perrymade her cry.

For Lauren’sCleo cover, she wears a green top and a beautiful white ruffle skirt.

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how you going?


Things have been slow here at Bond. With the bad weather I have not been traveling. Classes have really begun to pick up as midterms are in two weeks. I can’t believe how fast time is flying.

Last weekend my roommate and I went down to Surfers Paradise for the first time. It was such great shopping and the beach was amazing!

However, something I’ve learned quickly is… it is legal to tan nude here. Talk about awkward! I rolled over onto my stomach to find a 300lb woman lying topless next to me… Most shocking thing I’ve seen all week!


Until later.