Rainy Weather

A ton has happened since I’ve posted last but I can’t say I’ve been busy. The weather has been absolutely awful. I’ve talked to a few Australian’s and they said it hasn’t been this rainy in forever! I’d say were on day 6 of straight rain 😦 

But last weekend I made it Moreton Island. It’s the third largest sand island in the world! I went camping (and I mean full on roughing it), I snorkeled around a few ship wrecks and saw some awesome fish and two sharks! Sharks, I know! I climbed Mount Tempest and saw Cape Moreton. It was all unbelievable! 

Yesterday I bought my ticket to go sky diving in Byron Bay! I can’t believe I’m finally going to do it. 

This awful weather is making it a little bit harder to be away from home just because it’s so hard to keep busy when you don’t want to leave the apartment. 

But until later, pray for me when I jump out of the plane in two weeks!


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