Here is an example of a business proposal and pitch for our represented PR agency which will be
chosen to represent the Children’s Imaginarium in Plattsburgh, NY. I have included a brief overview
of the project details.
Company Overview

Imaginarium Children’s Museum of the North Country is excited that the local used children’s clothing retail shop, The Jungle, has graciously awarded a $500,000 corporate gift to the Imaginarium. We are looking for a marketing agency to promote a new children’s program or exhibit in the name of the donor for us to unveil with the grand reopening in the new location.

The Imaginarium is founded by a group of community-minded mothers/educators with a strong passion for fostering interactive inquiry and inspiring creativity in children and adults through moments of shared discovery. It has the potential to give our children the outlet to imagine, create, discover, and explore while nurturing a love for learning. Imaginarium Children’s Museum of the North Country will essentially operate as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the direction of a Board of Directors.  We have received our Provisional Charter from the NYS Board of Regents as an official Education Corporation, with recognition from the State University of New York system. We have also recently joined the Association of Children’s Museums as an Emerging Museum.

The goal of the project is to create a program/exhibit that draws as many youth and their families from the counties of Clinton and Franklin as possible. The more participants we can have over the three month period of June – August, 2013 the better.

The Jungle needs to be tied to all marketing materials as the Title Sponsor. With this in mind the project should also provide the Jungle with added opportunity to increase awareness and bring people to their stores.

The Jungle will not provide any staffing services for any of the programs. They are simply the monetary donor.

Your agency will determine the budget breakdown.

You can find a link to this presentation below.  


For my public relations principles class I chose to represent Whiteface mountain to become
knowledgeable about and elaborate on the company’s PR challenges and opportunities that
they face on a regular basis. 

My team researched and reported the following: 

– Company history

– General background: # of employees, locations, product lines, for-profit/non-profit, annual sales revenue, manufacturing or service based, where is it headquartered, how big the company is in it’s industry, where

does PR fit into leadership of company, PR focus – internal/external

– PR philosophy

– Media relations philosophy and practice

– Biggest constituents?

– Overview of PR challenges (past and current)

– What Whiteface is doing about these challenges

– Show news coverage (social media)

You can find a link to this presentation below.


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